Some call him mysterious. Others call him unwavering. The Spanish call him El Anillo de Polla. Eva Gardner simply called him 'my assailant'. He's Cole Petticoat, private investigator for hire. Petticoat's adventures take him through twists and turns in a classic-comic-strip-style noir animated series. Whether chasing down the bad guy, drinking himself into submission or accidentally shooting the mailman, Petticoat always gets the job done. Sure, he's done some things that he's not proud of, but who hasn't. If he could, would he take back that time he got into an on-air drunken slap-fight with Wolf Blitzer? Sure. If he somehow got his hands on a time machine, would he go back and stop himself from laying down a quarter-million dollars on The Columbus Panhandlers 80 years after the team went defunct? Of course he would. But one thing I guarantee you he would not take back was the time he came down from the stands and laid a hard foul on Kurt Rambis in the 1987 NBA Finals. That guy had it coming.
Genre - Animated Television Series. Format - Flash Animation.

After my involvement with the project, the guys took it a step further at their studio, Standoff Studios. I posted a video below of what they came up with. Note: I did not have a part in the creation of the video below.