Let’s say you want to pull the latest stuff…

  1. git add .

  2. git commit . -m “Saving my current changes”

  3. git pull

  4. If there are conflicts:

    1. If the conflict is with a .meta file:

      1. git add <path to .meta>

    2. If the conflict is with code:

      1. Contact Ryan

    3. If the conflict is with a scene:

      1. Contact Ryan

  5. If you had conflict and resolved them, you now need to commit (no message):

    1. git commit

  6. git status

  7. git push

FETCH HEAD is  b9de600

FETCH HEAD is b9de600

Just reset to Master

git fetch origin master
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD
git clean -f -d

Note: FETCH_HEAD can be found on github.com