2D Illustration Paint Test

April 2015

Thanks for your interest in joining our illustration team. We have put together this simple test to identify quality team members. Once you have completed the test, use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your results.

In this test, you will paint five consecutive animation frames in the style of one of the characters in the game.

We are interested in seeing how well you can translate the detail from the master artwork into animation frames. 

Here is the master you will be painting: 

Here are the five frames that you will be painting over:

In-game graphics style; menu

Concept art from the game


  • Download all required assets here: animation_test.zip

  • Analyze the character in character_layers.psd.

  • Paint over each of the five included animation frames (frame_1-5.png) in the style of the included character.

  • The final frames should exactly match the resolution of the included animation frames.

  • It's important that you show us how you're able to reproduce these new frames from the master, not attempt to reshape the master to match the animation. 

  • Leave the backgrounds of the animation frames transparent.

  • Capture as much of the animation flow in your illustrations as possible. 

  • If there is an element (like a sword) that appears in the animation, but not the master, create it on your own.

  • Treat the master as inspiration, do not try and morph the master to fit the animation.

  • The headband ribbons must be illustrated to match the animation. Do not use the headband from the master.

  • Do not spend more than two hours on this test. If you feel you would like to spend more time on this test, send us one frame of your best work and we will decide if we would like you to spend more time. 

  • Quality is important. We expect your illustrations to come as close to the masters as possible.

Your final output should be five separate transparent PNG files, like this: 


If you produce this test and the results are satisfactory, we will gladly hire you and compensate you for your time on this test. 

How did you do? 

Send an e-mail with a .zip file containing your results to animation@ensomniac.com