2D Anime-Style Animator Needed for Upcoming Game

March 2015

We're working on a new story-driven mobile game and we're seeking a talented animator who is capable of animating 2D characters. We have a team dedicated to painting/finishing animation frames so your core responsibility would be expressing character motion on bipedal characters. Ninjas, to be exact. The ideal candidate is comfortable animating in the anime style and understands how to express combat through weight and form. Although experience with anime isn't required, it would certainly be a plus. 

Each character has between 10-40 frames of animation. There are roughly 20 unique characters in the game. In addition to in-game animation, we have numerous cutscenes that will require animation as well.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work directly with the production team to create the core animation frames for each character.
  • Generate 10-40 frames per character in predefined sets that make up a variety of attacks and movements, specified by the production team. 
  • Work with the art department to understand the look of each character. Some characters have unique props.
  • You must be comfortable with animated gore: Blood, dismemberment, stabbing, etc. 
  • You have your own equipment and location. We will not be supplying office space or equipment.

You must provide samples of your animation work. We are primarily interested in how well you express character animation and form. We are not concerned with the render/finishing quality of your animation as you will not be responsible for that aspect. 

Compensation: $15-$40 hourly, depending on experience. Immediate offering, any location. 

Here is an example of the type of frames you will be responsible for: 

In-game graphics style; menu

Concept art from the game

Examples of the style we're looking for:

Do you have what it takes?

We're passionate about quality and we're seeking someone who feels the same. Reach out to us and let's get working!

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