Testing, testing, testing.


I am neurotic about saving all of my old devices and making sure that apps I write work on each of them. 

When I code interfaces, I determine the size of literally every element based off of the device screen height and width. That ensures my interfaces scale to fit phones and tablets, on any operating system. I can't remember the last time I hard-coded a pixel value. I'll do another post at some point detailing my passion for never hard coding pixel values - it will be a long one. 

Android vs. iOS - test, test, test

As I test Glint across various devices and screen sizes, new issues pop up and need to be handled. One particular issue that I've encountered is text rendering in Unity. Since Unity renders to GL, all fonts are mapped to textured quads. It's a reasonably slick setup but it has its drawbacks. Memory, for one. To get text looking beautiful, the font texture must be incredibly high resolution. Most Apple devices (back to the 4s at least) handle high quality font textures pretty well. Android, on the other hand, does not. Some considerations needed to be made to reduce the texture quality on Android devices. Hopefully to a level that only I will ever notice. 

I'm going to continue testing and polishing now. This game isn't going to finish itself.