Drunk Coding


"Level 22 is the most fun level so far - possibly because I am intoxicated."

Designing games is tough. Coding them is tough, too. As Glint sprints nearer to production-ready, level design is in full swing. My initial thought was that once the level editor was created, it would be a snap to go through and power-out 100 levels. After starting level production last weekend, I realized that it would take a lot more time to make the levels feel just right. 

  • Level 1-5 - Simple, but time consuming.
  • Level 6-10 - Okay, this requires a lot of time and attention.
  • Level 11-20 - Two days have gone by. I'm losing my mind. Level names start to become things that I see lying around my house. "Kitty face" - level 15 is called.
  • Level 21 - Nobody ever said "You shouldn't design levels while drinking".
  • Level 25 - Drunk. 

Game design might be the most maddening thing I've ever done. I'm also growing a beard. God, I hope you like this game.