Thank you, everyone.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last 8 months working intensely on my first mobile game, Glint. When I left ILM, I knew that as sad as it was to leave after so long, it was the right decision if I wanted to get back into producing my own content, which I desperately missed. Towards the end of my seven years there, I saw mobile app and game development explode into a mature platform for content distribution and I decided that it couldn’t be a better time to make some decisions. 

Many long months of ignoring important friendships, family and personal obligations, I’ve finally released my first game. While it may seem simple from the outside, it was actually a pretty grueling process of design, development and testing. 

I’m lucky to have so many supportive people in my life. Seriously, whether you know it or not, I could not have finished this project without the insanely awesome support of my friends and family. You have all encouraged me from the beginning whether you know it or not. From the obnoxious nature of simply hearing me talk about it constantly through forcing everyone I know to install early builds on their phone and play test for me, your support is remarkable and I love you all. 

My wife is amazing. Simply put, she is utterly amazing. At times, I wonder what she’s doing with me and how it is that she is so unbelievably supportive and caring. To have her support through some pretty crazy times means the world to me. I love you, lady. 

To everyone I have neglected over the past long while, I will make it up to you, and I am sorry for being so selfish. I hope you can understand how important it was for me to get back to my roots. 

Conor - I can't thank you enough for lending your ear and sound skills to Glint. You've created some epic sounds that make the game what it is.

If you’re friends with me or connected to one of my awesome friends or family, you’re probably tired of seeing Glint related posts. You’re gonna see more and I hope you can understand.

Please, help support Glint by downloading it, rating it and tossing up a comment in the app stores. It’s free and available on iPhone, iPad & Android and it will make the long development process so much more rewarding. Thank you, everyone!

Glint for Android: 
Glint for iPhone: