Glint v0.0.2

Android: Play Glint (Delayed, Should be available on Thursday)

iOS: Play Glint

ere's what changed in this release:

  • Fixed the “too many dots” fail mode to be more clear. When the dots reach the top of the screen, the player dies immediately.

  • The general complexity of each level has been reduced - especially in the beginning of the game. Each level should be quick to play now. In general, players should advance much more quickly through the game. 

  • Added a button to bring up the store from the pause screen

  • Fix the performance of the map page. Needs more work still.

  • Create the settings page

  • Fixed fonts in store to reduce memory

  • Added back arrow to both settings and map page

  • Increased the pulse speed of the buttons on the start screen

  • Fixed the scrollview so that store items don’t trigger on scrolling

  • Decreased the brightness of the bottom passthrough glow

  • Colored the large dots to reflect the level colors

  • Updated the color separation of several levels where it was difficult to distinguish between various colors.

  • Fixed the pause controller so that it doesn’t keep counting down the time

  • Made it more clear when you swipe over a defused bomb

  • Added bomb fuse duration to game metrics

  • Made it more exciting when you get close to the end of a level - needs more work.

  • Made a graphic indicating that the player is out of a power-up

  • Made bombs more evil looking - added spikes

  • Made the time more visible

  • Added world map

  • Made store icons

  • Hooked up audio settings work

  • Confirm the new GA plugin update didn’t break anything [iOS is working, check Android]

  • Fixed scrollview by making it paginated. Pagination temporarily fixes the error in the store where a strip crosses the header

  • Created a new app Icon

  • Made a test user for Apple

  • Fixed the scene problem that gets plauers trapped in certain screens, like the pause screen

  • Adjusted the darkness level when a player is about to fail. It was getting too dark

  • Fixed the pause button, which was triggering way too much

  • Fix the gameanalytics for levels to reflect their new scheme

  • Fixed the Vungle player to ensure a video will not play when it wasn’t requested by the player.

  • Hooked up Facebook integration so that players can post a screenshot to their wall

  • Hooked up Twitter so that players can share a screenshot

  • Hooked up the store to Apple and Google IAP systems

  • Made the jumbo swipe radius larger

  • Reduced the number of items in the jumbo swipe pack to increase value.

  • Increased the radius of the power-up nukes

  • Added more of Conor’s sound effects

  • Got rid of the level descriptions. Goals are now displayed both on the pause screen and the level intro.

  • Add world cards UI to introduce new worlds

  • Put a tap trigger on the powerup alert so that it brings up the store

Glint v0.0.1

Version 0.0.1 is available for play testers!

Android: Play Glint

iOS: Play Glint

Known bugs

  • Overall
    • The player doesn't die when the dots reach the top. This was an initial design decision that will be addressed in a later release.
    • The Settings page is blank. This hasn't been designed yet.
    • When loading the game on a later stage level, the level text doesn't show immediately on the start screen. 
    • Sometimes, the player isn't taken to their best level.
    • Depending on the device, texture compression causes some intermittent jitters. This should ultimately be addressed once the game is available in the app store as they allow multiple .apk builds with varying compression for different GPUs. 
    • While Glint will currently run on all tablets, the quality will be low and is untested.
  • Android Specific
    • Clicking the map button will cause the game to break
    • At the end of each world, the map screen will automatically display, killing the game. Killing the app and restarting it will fix this problem
  • iOS Specific
    • Performance-wise - the game is not ready for the 4s yet, although it should still run.